What Our Client Says


"I once saw an add for a Maine Coon kitten and was really interested to see what it was all about. I never really knew that Maine Coon cats were so awesome, but when I looked at the site I could also tell they were a lot different than every other type of cat. I went and met the family that had them, and they had three, who then became my new kittens. They are the best cats ever!"

Salman Sheikh

"I always wanted a Maine coon, but never found the right one until this guy came into my life. He is just the most wonderful pet. My daughter and I wish we had found him sooner!"


"My Maine Coon kitten is not just my pet but my best friend. You can always count on him to make me laugh and relax. I love his thirst for life and exploring as well as cuddles. The best thing by far is how gorgeous he looks. Not many cats are born big, fluffy, and beautiful like he is!"


"I have always wanted one of these cats and finally saved enough money to get one. Earlier this week, I went home with the cutest coon kitten. He has been adjusting well in the few days we have had him."

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